Designation 3-phase SCR Energy Saving Motor Controller
Current Size 1 up to 100A
Size 2 up to 195A
Size 3 up to 500A
Size 4 up to 850A
Size 5 up to 1250A
Bypass All sizes Internally Bypassed, Form 1
Motor Protection Full I2T Motor Overload with memory
Supply Voltages Operates from 200 to 600 Volts as standard
Allowing for varying supply frequency 45 to 65Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage Main circuit: 6kV, Control supply circuit: 4kV
Overvoltage Category/Pollution Degree III/3
Rated conditional short-circuit co-ordination Type 1 co-ordination: With associated short circuit protective device
Type 2 co-ordination: With correctly selected semiconductor fuses
Standard Duty Rating Trip Class 10: 3 x 23 or 3.5 x 17
5 starts/hour (VMX-SGY-I-17 to VMX-SGY-I-195)
3 starts/hour (VMX-SGY-I-242 to VMX-SGY-I-1250)
90% duty
Trip Class 20: 3 x 19 and Trip Class 30: 4 x 29 available
Enclosure Type Up to 195 A IP20/NEMA 1 with standard finger guard
Above 195 A IP00/NEMA 1: Optional Finger Guards up to 500 A to ensure
full IP20/NEMA 1 enclosures
Terminal Position Terminal position/spacing to match common contactors and circuit breakers
Terminal Construction Up to 195 A Cage Clamp
Above 195 A Plain Busbar
Control Supply Voltages 24Vdc & 110/230Vac (VMX-SGY-I-17 to VMX-SGY-I-361)
110Vac or 230Vac (VMX-SGY-I-430 to VMX-SGY-I-1250)
Rated Control Circuit Voltages 24Vdc, 110Vac or 230Vac
Ambient Operating Conditions -20°C to 50°C (VMX-SGY-I-17 to VMX-SGY-I-500)
-20° to 40°C (VMX-SGY-I-625 to VMX-SGY-I-1250)
Up to 60°C with de-rating
Motortronics iERS: Energy Saving Technology Yes, including enhanced Energy Saving Calulator
Automatic Set Up Wizard A suite of 45 pre-programmed application ‘complete setup’ profiles
Automatic Starting and Stopping Features Creates the Starting and Stopping ramp profile for your specific application with no further adjustment needed
In Delta/6 wire connection Yes
Display Technology 3.5" Colour-TFT resistive Touch Screen
Intuitive touch screen control on all models
Keypad The 3.5" Colour-TFT resistive Touch Screen is detachable for enclosure mounting IP66/N4X
Languages English
Chinese (Mandarin simplified)

Contact us for additional language requirements

Input/Outputs 4 x Programmable digital Inputs
3 x NO Programmable Output Relays, 1 Amp
1 x NC Programmable Output Relay, 1 Amp
1 x NO Programmable Output Relay, 3 Amps
1 x 0-10V or 4-20mA Programmable Analogue Output
1 x 0-10V or 4-20mA Programmable Analogue Input
PTC Thermistor Input
1 x USB
1 x Expansion Port: Add On Smart Module
Comms 2 x Modbus-RTU as standard – RJ45
Option for Profibus DP, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP plus many more with Anybus Communicator
Intelligent capability Predictive Maintence Data Logging Equipped with 16Gb memory, allowing the logging of over 200 million events
Fast and accurate fault analysis and their resolution, life, application events recorded: start, stop, top of ramp, faults, application parameters – time, overload, currents and frequency
Equipment &/or component failure predictions during planned maintenance, avoids unwanted breakdowns
Optimised performance and equipment conditioning, reduced lost production time, lower operation & maintenance costs
Configuration (Parameters) Upload/Download
Configuration Backup and Maintenance, side by side comparison of Parameter files, Modbus PNU information
EU/IEC Legislation IEC 60947-4-2: 2012
Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU)
EMC (Electromatic Compatibility) (2014/30/EU)
Battery Directive
Energy Using Products/Energy Related Product Directives
Environmental Products comply to REACH, SVHC, RoHS (2011/65/EU) and WEEE
Standards CE, UL, cULus, UKCA
Warranty 2 years from first motor start
Field Serviceability All power and control cards are in an easily changeable cassette
Firmware upgrade from USB port
Log and Parameter files downloadable

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