Pre-built Solutions

As the leaders in soft start and motor control technology Motortronics are able to supply products which are designed to fit your specific needs. This may be a standard off the shelf solution or a bespoke motor control system.

Motortronics are experienced in designing and building bespoke enclosure systems for both low and medium voltage.

Whether it is a simple panel for use in an irrigation system or a full featured low voltage panel with enhanced energy saving one Motortronics are your one stop shop to produce an enclosure to your specific specifications. If you are an OEM, we can produce a range of products to meet your specific needs no matter the requirement.

When working with a medium voltage system this is particularly important, we are the largest supplier of MV soft starter in the world. This gives use unique experience in producing systems for any requirement.

Should you have a need for a pre-built solution contact us to discuss your requirements.

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