Paper & Wood

Pulp, paper and packaging

Motortronics’ range of LV soft starter products are proven and have many years of experience in a range of applications within the paper industry.

The market leading products and their unique features offer operators many advantages, from reduced mechanical and electrical stresses seen during the starting cycle of the motor, to advance control and data capabilities.

Extensive applications cover the majority of those seen in the industry, such as waste paper, hydrapulper, screening machine, de-inking, headbox, fourdrinier table, presses, dryers, size press, supercalendar, reel and converting.

Engineered wood

Motortronics’ quality designed and engineered products, combined with its advanced technologies, are a perfect partner for controlling circular saws, bandsaws, debarkers, chippers and conveyors within the engineered wood sector.

With a requirement for differing motor applications, from saws to conveyor systems, Motortronics’ soft starters offer many advantages and benefits in producing operational efficiencies and reducing costs for operators.

Often operating in harsh environment, with multiple stop and start activities during daily operations, the soft starter is a perfect partner.

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