VMX-agility™ delivers stable start and stop ramps for smooth, efficient performance in a compact footprint.

  • 17–361 A
  • OLED Full Text Display
  • 6 language menu
  • Full I2t motor overload protection
  • USB for uploading/downloading parameters and log files
  • Modbus communications

Soft Starter Specialists

Soft starters can be used on AC induction motors in sectors including Cooling and Refrigeration, Food and Beverage, Heating, Panel Building, Quarry & Mining, Manufacturing and Water, to vastly improve energy efficiency and maximise motor control.


After Sales Support & Service Centres

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Global Support

Global Support

  • Global network of factories and partners
  • Over 2,000,000 soft starters worldwide
  • Low and Medium Voltage Experience
Soft Starter Support


Motortronics designs and builds custom soft starters for some of the world’s largest automation brands meeting international standards.

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