Control of resistive and lamp type loads

Motortronics’ EZ Series are true zero voltage switching controllers. They are designed to fire at the minimum voltage differential across the SCR with a gate pulse applied prior to the zero-crossing point. These controllers are virtually RFI free.

The EZ Series zero fired (Variable time base) SCR Power Controllers combine low cost with microprocessor technology. They feature a rapid-cycle control technique that provides resolution that potentially extends the life of industrial resistance heaters. This variable time base control technique minimizes off time and is characterized by rapid on/off cycling with on-to-on cycle time ranging from 1 to 3 cycles for power ranges of 25% to 100%.

Thermal cycling of the heater elements is reduced to a minimum for all power levels to improve element life. Control of the on-to-on cycle times provides the resolution required to maintain a smooth, even output from resistance heaters.

The number of on cycles within a burst and the off time between bursts is continually monitored and updated by the microprocessor. A constant heater output is ensured since the unit’s output will continuously change to satisfy load requirements.

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