Mining & Quarrying

Mining, Quarrying and Aggregates

Motortronics’ VMX-synergy™ soft starter is a proven work-horse within the mining, quarrying aggregates sectors, providing proven reliability in these harsh environments.

These sectors consume nearly 10% of the world’s market for electrical motors and control systems, including soft starters to control pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers, crushers, vibrating screens, kilns, ovens, screw feeders and washers/dryers.

The VMX-synergy™ soft starter offers an advanced starting technique compared with other product offerings that require extensive programming during set-up and commissioning.

A proven winner in harsh conditions

The Motortronics™ soft starter range has a proven record of reliability and application suitability for all conveyor and crusher types. VMX-synergy™ is an ideal solution for conveyor and crusher applications as it accommodates an unloaded start and loaded start with no adjustment, no other manufactures product has this capability.

Utilising unique and efficient monitoring technologies the voltage and current are continuously measured with other critical signals to intelligently implement intuitive automatic control features and energy optimising opportunities with Motortronics’ iERS system.

Advanced Pedestal function

An advanced 'Automatic Pedestal' function starts the ramp from the actual breakaway torque of the load by automatically raising the voltage until the motor and load begins to pull away, and upon reaching this point VMX-synergy™ registers and the normal voltage ramp commences.

VMX-synergy™ appears to go straight to the breakaway torque voltage level but the ramping of the voltage is from a very low pedestal level over the first few cycles to virtually eliminate all the inrush currents normally associated with high pedestal voltage starting of other competitive types of soft starters but importantly still achieving a high quality soft start.

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