COVID-19 - update

The health and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers are of paramount importance to us.

We continue to monitor the latest advice and guidance from the government and are working on measures across our business to minimise any future disruption which we may experience.

Motortronics has been deemed part of the “essential” business supply chain due to the industries and customers we serve.

We have a carefully restructured operation in place to ensure continuity of service and supply and will continue to ensure that we are following latest government & health guidelines to support the health and welfare of our staff worldwide.

Our staff are available via phone, email or video conference facilities in lieu of face to face meetings.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and should anything change a member of our team will be in touch directly. For more information click here for a statement from Motortronics’ Vice President – Joyce Mitchell.

Features & Benefits

VMX-agility™ Soft Starter

i23 smart application pre-program suite

A suite of pre‑programmed application ‘complete setup’ profiles facilitate a quick and comprehensive commission process to give freedom and independence to engineers. Typical VMX-agility™ setup takes less than 1 minute whereas a comparable competitive product commission could be 60 to 120 minutes for only a partial setup. Access to an advanced setup menu is provided as standard for special application requirements.

Optimise VMX-agility™ for your specific application at the touch of a button. Select any of the 23 pre-programmed setup profiles and you are up and running in under 1 minute.

3S Technology

Automatic ramp control profiles ensure smooth start and stop performance, delivering stable acceleration and deceleration in all operating conditions.

OLED Display

Full text messages enabling fast programming and rapid fault finding with no codes and real-time value monitoring. Local display of recent logged events.


for field firmware upgrades and downloading of the event logging data.

Modbus RTU

communications as standard. No need for optional communication cards.

Motor Overload Protection

Protecting the motor and soft starter in the event of an overload situation at full I²t motor overload with intelligent thermal memory retention feature. Continually monitoring overloads to ascertain the reduction in overload levels even when VMX-agility™ is in the ‘off’ state. This is combined with protection and diagnostics giving the operator peace of mind during the motor running phase.

Life Event Logging

VMX-agility™ life event logging is a unique feature that records the last 1600 events to enable fast accurate fault analysis and their resolution. Recording multiple activities including start, stop, top of ramp, faults, application parameters (time, overload level, currents, frequency) and the device information. The data is collated in StarterView programme and provides the operator with the advantage to undertake a detailed analysis of performance and equipment conditioning in an active predictive and preventative maintenance strategy to avoid unwanted breakdowns and any costly lost production time.

Loss Reduction

An integral bypass is initiated at the top of ramp and reduces losses in the soft starter.

Start Delay Feature

Intentional start delay allowing pump actuators to engage before start.

Control Circuit

A standard 24 VDC control voltage supply with an optional power module which adapts the digital input voltages to accept a 110/230 VAC signal.

Lowers Panel Production Costs

Three unit frame sizes across the voltage range of 200-600VAC with vertical or horizontal mounting to facilitate efficient panel layout and interconnections to reduce material and panel production time

Soft Stopping

Current is limited during soft stopping and gives greater control against water hammer.

Fire Mode

External input signal overriding normal controls allowing the motor to continue running in emergency situations.

Frequent Number of Starts

Optional cooling fan for frequent duty applications with up to 40 starts per hour - size 1, and from 10 to 40 starts per hour (rating dependent) - size 2.

Optional Remote Display Keypad

Plug in remote mounting unit keypad mimics the VMX-agility™ display and keypad function.

IP65/NEMA Class 4X

Optional Power Supply Unit Module

Unique to VMX-agility™ this module enables control voltage options in one standard product unit, no need to purchase separate soft starters for different control voltages.

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