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The health and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers are of paramount importance to us.

We continue to monitor the latest advice and guidance from the government and are working on measures across our business to minimise any future disruption which we may experience.

Motortronics has been deemed part of the “essential” business supply chain due to the industries and customers we serve.

We have a carefully restructured operation in place to ensure continuity of service and supply and will continue to ensure that we are following latest government & health guidelines to support the health and welfare of our staff worldwide.

Our staff are available via phone, email or video conference facilities in lieu of face to face meetings.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and should anything change a member of our team will be in touch directly. For more information click here for a statement from Motortronics’ Vice President – Joyce Mitchell.

Features & Benefits

MVC-ARC Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Key Benefits

A safer option by any standard.

Tested to both North American and IEC standards.

Internally protected against arcs up to 50KA.

Draw-out design for unquestioned isolation.

Integrated earthing switch.

Easy access design for inspections.

Advanced Protection

Advanced motor protection relay and ramp features programmable via the keypad or a laptop computer.

Fiber optically isolated low voltage compartment with up to 110kV BIL rating for safety and reliability.

Built-in 120V control power transformer*; voltage and current metering.

Load-break / fault-make rated disconnect switch with door safety interlocking.*

Visible grounding bar for safe operation.

Coordinated motor fuses with blown fuse indicators.

Line isolation vacuum contactor.*

Fully rated bypass contactor for increased thermal capacity and optional across-the-line starting.

Heavy duty SCR stack assemblies with ring transformer isolation for reliable SCR gate firing.

RTD Option accepts up to 12 RTD inputs.

Zero sequence ground fault protection option.

Top entry, bottom exit with room for stress cones.

Removable entry plates for easy connections.

NEMA 12 gasketed enclosure (NEMA 3R optional).

True Thermal Modeling monitors the motor for excessive thermal conditions due to starting, running and even ambient conditions.

Retentive Thermal Memory for continuous overload protection even after a complete power loss.

MVC-ARC remembers the last thermal condition of the motor, observes the off time via a real-time clock and adjusts the thermal model accordingly.

Non-Volatile Memory stores the thermal memory without the need for batteries.

True Time Thermal Tracking adjusts the thermal model for different cooling rates based on motor temperature, running state or power loss.

Dynamic Reset Response Reset is only allowed after the motor has sufficient thermal capacity for a successful restart.

Thermal Model Biasing adjusts for heating effects of phase current imbalance or optional RTD inputs.

Flexible Setup Choose the level of overload protection.

Programmable Trip Classes selectable from NEMA/UL Classes 5 - 30.

Dual Mode Protection separate trip curves for start and run modes (example: Class 20 for start, Class 10 for run).

Warning Levels can be programmed and assigned to one of six built-in output relays.

Custom Trip Curve programmable based on the motor manufacturer’s data.

Remote or Automatic Overload Reset can be activated for unattended operations.

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